Sharper lines, crisper edges, superior designs

For over 25 years, Millwork Design by Oxford (MDO), formerly A&B Wood Design, has provided a line of architectural mouldings that offer a more custom approach to the traditional “commodity” profiles available.

From our warehouse located centrally in Oxford, CT we curreny stock over 70 products available for delivery to your local lumber retail yard. MDO has been employee-owned since 2022.

Please learn more below about our commitments.

We do what we say and say what we do.

Our customer commitments form the cornerstone of our business philosophy.
HIGH QUALITY — We ensure that every product we create is built to last and exudes excellence.
GREAT SERVICE — We go above and beyond to meet clients’ needs and provide a seamless experience.
SUPERIOR DESIGN — We blend innovation and creativity to craft functional yet aesthetically remarkable pieces that truly stand out.

Creating a great place to work.

At MDO, we believe in the following team commitments:
COMMUNICATION — No matter your level in the organization, we approach each other openly about ideas and challenges, and talk through solutions respectfully.
RELIABILITY — We are allowed to have bad and good days, but we can count on showing up every day for ourselves and each other.
CONSISTENCY — We can also count on each other to perform our work responsibilities to the best of our abilities each day and know what to expect.
ADAPTABILITY — Just like strong businesses evolve as the needs and wants of our customers and consumers change, so do our jobs and how we do them. We are enthusiastic, inquisitive, and open to learning new topics to constantly improve.

Community Commitment:

We support the communities in which we operate through financial donations and local partnerships with our customers. Please contact us or your local Sales Representative for more information.

Environment Commitment:

Our business is inherently green and the direct use of sustainable natural resources plays a vital role in preserving our planet. As such, we source our products from manufacturers that use sustainable forestry practices.